Keymaker. IoT-based Access Control System

A new generation of digital access management solutions

Get in control of your property security. Keymaker is a comprehensive access control and management system that allows you to easily grant and restrict access, invite guests, and track activity — all from the palm of your hand.

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Enabling smart access with Keymaker

An easy-to-use solution for individual customers

No more worries about lost or stolen keys — enjoy hassle-free control of access to your property right from your phone.

How it works

Once you have mounted the actuator on your gates and installed the controller in your house, download the Keymaker mobile app — and you are good to go.


  • Remote gates unlocking from a mobile app
  • Inviting guests by sharing a link through a preferred -messenger
  • Access activity tracking

A comprehensive system for businesses

Ensure secure yet simple access to highly-protected areas while gaining visibility into who entered what facility and when.

How it works

The solution comprises actuators and controllers as well as cross-platform configurator, admin and user apps that communicate seamlessly via Bluetooth, WiFi, and other communication standards.


  • Comprehensive user management
  • Single and multiple access
  • Time-restricted access
  • Remote gates unlocking from a phone
  • Easy guest link sharing through a preferred messenger
  • Continuous events logging

Boost access control for your residential or commercial facilities

Let our experts assess your infrastructure and come up with an optimized system configuration.


Reap the benefits of an IoT-based access management solution

Enhanced security

Add an extra layer of protection by allowing access to your facilities for the right people at the right time — the job that Keymaker does seamlessly. The solution enables you to easily register new users and manage access while controlling the locations and period of time.

Unmatched convenience

Take access control up a notch by turning users’ phones into virtual keys. Consolidate all access management activities within a single app to help your mobile-first users easily control gates and unlock facilities remotely. The guest access link sharing functionality makes inviting visitors hassle-free — a guest opens the link right in the phone’s browser, no app installation required.

Comprehensive monitoring

Benefit from the increased transparency into the traffic to your protected facility. The system reliably logs all access events, time, and users to help you gather valuable usage statistics and real-time traffic flow information to stay on top of any suspicious activity.

Why Keymaker

Built with security in mind

To trust an access control solution with your property protection, you need to be sure the solution is secure itself. Keymaker leverages industry-standard communication protocols and encrypts stored user passwords to put your mind at ease.

Made to scale

Ideal for a single door house, Keymaker can also scale up to support hundreds of locations and users. With this scalability, you can confidently expand your business — our solution will readily match your growing access control needs.

Easy to install

Our managed access control solution is easy to install and use — no need to be an engineer. We provide detailed documentation and an installation manual to guide you through the process step by step.

Keymaker in your phone

Get the opportunity to easily monitor the security of your property with the help of a comprehensive access control and management system.

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The name Keymaker is our tribute to the fictional character of the same name in the Matrix films, a computer program the main task of which is to perfectly perform its purpose.

The Matrix Keymaker’s words «I know because I must know. It is my purpose. It is the reason I am here. The same reason we are all here» (с) are an accurate reflection of our Keymaker’s mission.

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